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The books of the Old Testament talks about a future Prophet, Priest and King, the Messiah (Christ).  The Son of the creating God. This person prophesied about is Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.  As the ultimate priest He carried His own blood to the cross.  He was risen from the dead after 3 days and 3 nights.  And then He was transformed into the life giving spirit, The Holy Ghost.  His poor followers was persecuted,  (first by the roman emperor – later by the pope), but they changed the world anyway.

Soon there will be a shift;  Jesus Christ will reign as KING in peace for one thousand years. 1000 years of rest and peace.

But before that Jesus Christ will evacuate His people by the rapture. This is the second coming of Jesus, the promised return.   He will not set His feet on this earth, but meet His people in the sky.  The days of the Antichrist will follow the rapture, known as the great tribulation.

Jesus Christ loves all of you.  And wants YOU to be ready for the rapture.

44 Prophecies of Jesus Christ Fulfilled:




8 year old Akiana Kramarik painted Jesus after a vision.

8 year old Akiana Kramarik painted Jesus after a vision.


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Lamb of God, the savior Jesus Christ

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