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Jesus – ALIVE

Jesus is alive! He lives today!

Death could not keep Him down, because the Father raised Him from the dead.

What is our Lord Jesus Christ busy with right now?

He keeps up this world.

(Link: http://wp.me/p3tGFm-29)


He leads the good fighting against evil.

He saves and renews souls.

He prays for us before the Father.

He builds the New Jerusalem, with you and me as living stones.

(Link: http://wp.me/p3tGFm-17)


He blesses with good things.

He reveals himself to comfort and wisdom.

He heals the sick.

He calls to special services.

He works by His Spirit.

And much more that we do not understand the depths into.


Jesus Christ is yesterday and today the same, yes, forever.

Time is very, very short. Very soon Jesus Christ will return for his Bride.

The Rapture. Maran Ata. Amen.



One comment on “Jesus – ALIVE

  1. fron

    is see jesus he came to me when i was ill and touched my foot i opened my eyes and he was standing in front on me in his white cloths and long brown hair then he turned and walked down the stairs in my house and past my mum she saw him as well and then disappeared he is here watching us keeping us strong guiding us to the right path i pray for him to come back so i can see him
    again i felt fresh and alive

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