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Hello everybody, this is Cato of Norway writing. I’m not a pastor or bible-teacher, but a normal christian with a strong interest of the WORD of God, the Bible. The idea about this webpage is to display the Word of God together with talking illustrations. A few comments is going to be added to the Scripture, but not much.

As you know, the Word of God  is amazing rich.


The Word of God speaks clearly for itself. Some special issues will be added in the future, things we do not hear much about in the churches.  Like the giants on earth (nephilim) and the old truth-seeking martyrs. They loved Jesus more than life.  The prophetic Words of the Bible are also extremely important today. We are in the endgame, at the end of the time of the gentiles. Next to come is a 7-year period for the Jews and Israel.  Sign of the times indicate that Jesus Christ very soon will arrive in the sky for his bride (the rapture).  Seek the good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, for grace and salvation.


My norwegian webpage:    http://ord8liv.wordpress.com


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  1. Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s nice to meet you. God bless.

    Jennifer – I Give God All The Glory

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