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Prophetic Overview 2019

The hatred against the State of Israel and the Jews is now increasing sharply all over the world. Europe’s Jews are no longer safe anywhere. The forces of darkness will push all Jews back to Israel in order to attack them there. #Illuminati’s plan is to wipe them out in Israel, all at once. (The Gog war of Ezekiel chapter 38).


The Jews are no longer satisfied by praying at the Western Wall. They want their own temple on the Temple Mount. Then first the Dome of the Rock have to be removed.

But God’s plan is to gather the Jews in Israel to show His protective power just as in the Old Testament. The time of the Gentiles is soon expired. God the Lord will again take care of Jacob’s family in a special way.

Time of peace will soon come to an end.  USA is going towards a kind of civil war (according to David Wilkerson), president Trump will probably be shot (according to Snåsamannen). USA will be attacked (according to A.A.Allen). And Europe will be attacked. Also Norway is going to be attacked (according to the Valdres Lady).  Gog is going to make the attacks, with support from Persia, China, North-Corea and Turkey.

Who is Gog:


The third temple in Jerusalem will soon be built. Everything is ready of building materials and fixtures. I think this temple will be built in a record time, possibly in 3 days. On Christian TV channels we see reports that the Jews are tired of praying at the Western Wall. They want a temple up on the historic mountain where the Dome of the Rock stands today. Antichrist will sit down in this new temple and pretend to be God, according to 2. Thessalonians chapter 2.


The pope Francis and his supporters are now working to create 1 FALSE world religion, uniting Christians, Muslims and Jews. It’s called Chrislam. The great apostacy back to Babylon (the Vatican) is already here. But the Vatican (and maybe Rome) will be destroyed as described in Revelation chapters 17 and 18. Then this false religious show is going to be moved to Jerusalem. And the new temple will stand ready for antichrist and the false prophet, the pope.  Francis is probably the very last pope, according to the St. Malachy prophecy. Antichrist will deceive the Jews for 3 and a half years.

After World War III, antichrist appears as a man of peace. He divides the world into 10 trade regions and introduces the number of the beast. No one can buy or sell without having the beast’s mark on their right hand or forehead.

Together with the false prophet (the pope), antichrist introduces worship of the dragon, that is Satan, Lucifer, the Devil himself. 1 false world religion with the pope as the false prophet.

Now is the time to seek the good Shepherd, who gave his life out of pure love. Christ Jesus is the one He has told us. And he stands by his Word and his promises.

He will rescue his Bride just as it written. 

This world will not get rid of evil until Jesus Christ comes on the Mount of Olives as the King of kings and Lord of lords. Then there will be 1000 years of peace and justice.

And nobody will be trained for war anymore.  Amen.

Do the Bible talk about something like the Illuminati?


But our God is the Waymaker:


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