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Hans Nielsen Hauge: The Persecuted Lay Preacher Who Saved Christianity in Norway

“Once I worked in the open fields I was singing the hymn: Oh, Jesus your sweet union to taste.

Suddenly my mind was so raised to God that I did not sense myself or can say what was happening in my soul, because I was beyond myself. Now I thought that nothing in the world was anything worth, and I regretted that I had so little served the good Lord. My soul felt something supernatural, divine and blessed. It was a glory that no tongue can explain.

Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center

This Week in AG History–June 14, 1947
By Darrin Rodgers

Also published in PE News, 11 June 2015

Hans Nielsen Hauge (1771-1824), a lay preacher who spent decades promoting revival in Norway, helped to transform the religious and social landscape of his homeland. Hauge’s story was featured in the June 14, 1947, issue of the Pentecostal Evangel. Hauge’s testimony demonstrated that Pentecostals’ emphasis on reform and spiritual renewal had firm roots in the broader Christian tradition.

In 1796, Hauge experienced a spiritual awakening (which he termed “spirit baptism”) while he was ploughing his father’s farm. This experience with God transformed Hauge’s life. He began studying the Bible and shared the gospel and his testimony wherever he found an audience. He preached with great power and insisted that each person should have “living faith.”

According to Hauge, church membership alone did not make a person a Christian. At the time, exceedingly…

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