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EXODUS: Blasphemy Movie


This Christmas we’re getting another Bible epic film, Exodus: Gods and Kings, directed by Ridley Scott, starring Christian Bale as Moses. The movie is OK until the burning bush, where God reveals himself to Moses. Then blasphemy appears.

God is portrayed as a bratty, little boy. He first appears standing in front of the burning bush and appears at recurring points in the film. Moses is seen arguing with a willful, angry and petulant child. In the movie the bratty boy is saying his name is “I AM”. Nothing but blasphemy.

• Moses is always confused from the discussions with God. No clear instructions.
• Miracles are as if they could be of natural causes.
• “God” is made out to be an uncaring and petty killer of children.
• Pharoah is a reasonable guy.
• Moses and God are the unreasonable deranged ones.

Christian Bale, who plays the part of Moses, told reporters in Los Angeles he has a gritty vision of the biblical hero. “I think the man was likely schizophrenic and was one of the most barbaric individuals that I ever read about in my life,” the actor said of Moses. “He’s a very troubled and tumultuous man who fought greatly against God, against his calling.”

Arguably, the strangest alteration to the Bible, made clearly to appeal to fans of Scott’s action films, is the depiction of Moses leading a war of attrition against Egypt. The Jews are taught to fight and attack several military and supply sites. This revolt is clearly out of place in the film and completely un-Biblical. From the beginning, God told Moses what to do and say, without fighting in a human way.

This film could not be any further from the biblical truth. Don’t watch it, save your money.


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