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The Christmas Star:  3 exceptionally wise men from the east (Iraq?) followed a special star. After they came to Jerusalem and continued towards Bethlehem the star stopped over the house (stable?) where the newborn Messiah was resting. What were the 3 wise men following on their way? How can a star stop over a house?

Free program Stellarium gives us the answer.
Although it is free, it is so pretty accurate that Eirik Newth use it for teaching at the University of Oslo. In the present time, when Yeshua (Jesus ) may have been born, the planet Jupiter made a strange dance forward – back – forward and through Regulus . Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo (associated with the Lion of Judah). Before and after Jupiters incredible coronation journey around Regulus are constellations with the planet Venus.

Download Stellarium and try for yourself :   http://www.stellarium.org

– Choose a viewpoint east of Jerusalem, for example any city in Jordan or Iraq. (F6 key. At bottom of the list you may find al-BaqZah in Jordan)

– Turn off the landscape. (G key for ground)

– Switch on artistic images. (R key )

– Switch on the selection of planets. (P key)

– With the F4 key, you will enter a window where you may switch on the marking of the planets and lines. As shown on the pictures here:

showplanetsshow_labels(Click image to view bigger)

– Search Regulus so the screen is fixed on this star. (F3 key)

– Set the time of year to:   -2 July 20, at 22:45. (F5 key. Stellarium counts year zero, historians don’t, -2 corresponds to year 3 before Christ).

– Jump ahead by 1 day so that there will be “movement” in Jupiter and Venus. (Use the = key)

Then you should see something like this :


Then simply jump forward in time, one day at a time, with the = key.
Hold the button down until the end of year -1.

Note Jupiters special journey !!!

Important Dates:

-2-08-11 Jupiter and Venus meet in Leo constellation.
-2-08-17 Venus touches Regulus, the biggest star in Leo.
-2-09-13 Jupiter touches Regulus.
-2-12-01 Jupiter stops and turns back towards Regulus.

-1-02-13 Jupiter touches Regulus.
-1-04-04 Jupiter stops and turns back towards Regulus.
-1-05-09 Jupiter touches Regulus.
-1-06-11 Venus touches Regulus.
-1-06-17 Jupiter and Venus in the constellation of Leo picture.
-1-10-13 Jupiter and Venus very close to each other in the Virgin’s image.

Astronomy and theological explanations can be found here :

Jupiter, Mars and Venus will ALL pass through Regulus in the LEO image when we run the software Stellarium.

God bless you in the search for truth !!!


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